Amplify Your  Business Online Presence 
with Social Media

We Help You Design an Online Campaign
Incorporating Social Media Management (SMM)
Specific to Your Individual Needs.

Search engines adore active social media users so the more you utilize that tool, the higher your rankings will become. Boosting your website traffic, increasing ROI, creating referrals and not just generating leads all stems from Social Media Management. All of which protects your identity and puts forth the message that your company is always evolving and cares enough to give consumers what they want.

Optimize Your Social Media &
 Make It Work for Your Business

More often than not, business owners do not have the time nor resources to manage and create social media platforms. Let alone complete the necessary marketing needed to stay afloat and grow a larger following. Our team can set up all social media outlets, manage them and post relevant material to target your desired audience and demographic. Running a business is time consuming, let WDI  experts step in and take care of the tedious but extremely important part to guarantee your success.

Knowing You and Your Audience

We plan to discover things about you and your vision to master how to strategically market your services. Knowing your audience and understanding what they want is key to any business thriving. We vow to become experts in your field and and gain the necessary insight to better optimize your social network.

Social Media Brand Voice

We design your social media pages to match your website design for brand cohesion so your customers instantly identify and associate with your company. By unifying your look, you communicate a professional, coherent image to your current and prospective customers.

Custom and Pre-Approved Content

Our developers create custom and SEO-friendly content for all your social media presence, which helps your site rank higher in search engine results.

Social Media Automated Posting

Using a sophisticated social media automation tool, we craft and schedule messages and postings in advance across all platforms in a pre-determined time to guarantee your relevancy.


You can display your tweets on any page, or post them directly from your site. We can design a custom Twitter background to make your posts stand out.


We can work to increase your number of followers through various strategies, including special offers or other initiatives.


You need video content and YouTube is where you want it. We can set up your YouTube channel and display relevant content to draw in a bigger audience to your site.


Great tool to share photos of your building, offices, staff, luncheons, new projects, leader boards, etc.

WordPress Blog

Rather than reading the news, you can have the power to invoke thought in readers. Become a leader in your industry with a blog that not just informs but engages.

A beautiful website means nothing   Until It Is Foun d .

WCM's experts manage your relationship with current customers and prospective clientele all the while keeping your identity relevant and highly desired. 
Contact us at 949-556-9172 or fill out the form for a complimentary social media marketing consultation.
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